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November This + That

I thought it might be fun to start sharing things that I'm into each month - while yes, its great when I can pump out my own recipes, but the reality is that I'm usually googling different recipes, skincare, clothing, podcasts, movies, you name it. So why not share what I'm currently into each month. Feels like a good idea - what do you think? Everything is linked either in the post, or the title. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and I hope you're into it.

November's my favorite month of them all - obviously I'm a little biased given that its my birthday month, but I so very much love the fall. Yes, I hate that things are dying around me, and the temperature is quickly dropping, but I love what other things fall brings: sweaters, boots, crockpot cooking, hearty meals, and oodles and oodles of tea. I also love the fall because I feel like time starts to slow, and while I hate that in February when its nasty out, for now, I enjoy all the fall (and basic) things.

After watching a new documentary on Netflix (yes I talk about it below) my husband after the last few years decided its time for us to start incorporating more vegetarian meals. I literally was so excited I could cry. While I love a good burger every now and again, the reality is that I'm really into a more plant based diet, and while I'll never give up eggs, or good cheese forever, eliminating meat for 98% of the time was something I was really looking forward to.

That being said, I got to the internet to find some of my favorites. Other than being remotely obsessed with Serena Wolf, I also love trying out her recipes, so I knew I had to hit up her blog, Domesticate Me - and it didn't stear me wrong. Found these Roasted Sweet Potato, Kale + Black Bean Enchiladas and they were everything I (and Frank) wanted and more.

If you saw my post a while back on the hunt for finding a clean deodorant, you know that I'd been looking for nearly a year. While when I posted it, I was loving Follain's Charcoal (which is still great, BTW) I actually think I found one that's better. Ursa Major's Forest Fix Deodorant - goes on so silk smooth, has a lovely piney and fresh smell, and actually is long lasting. I think I've found my new favorite.

Don't forget, ref_ritawinthrop gets you 15% off your order at Follain!

As I mentioned above, I've been pretty into everything Serena Wolf lately - so this past summer when her and Katie's podcast "Spiraling" was released talking all things anxiety, I got hooked. (Which, P.S. you should also listen to that.) Katie Dalebout has been podcasting since before it was cool, but her perspective and conversations with her guests are refreshing, relatable and fun. She talks about everything under the sun, with a focus on anxiety, body image and how to deal, but honestly each episode is wildly different. She also ends each episode with a deep breath in, and a long breath out, which sounds slightly corny at first, but when you're in the car for hours on end during a travel season, its incredibly welcomed. She's got over 300 episodes, and after listening to a couple dozen, I'm not stopping yet.

This year I've been in some serious need for some new shoes. I've really cut back on buying any, because given my tendency to get sciatica, I have to be careful about what shoes I buy, but come boot season, I knew I needed something to replace my aggressively worn out pairs that I'd had for the last few years. I saw these boots a few weeks before I bought them, and didn't want to spend the money, but knew instantly it was what I was looking for - knee high, a camel suede, slouchy but not too loose, not too high of a heel and pointy toe - yes, I know, that's a long boot requirement list. I scoured all over the internet, but couldn't find the right one.

I happened to pop back into DSW to look for a pair of heels for work, and they were still there, just staring at me. Luckily enough for me, it was an extra sale on boots, so I scooped them up and hoped I loved them on as much as I loved looking at them. They're so incredibly comfortable, and now my go to shoe, and I know they'll be on all winter.

As I mentioned above - Frank put on a documentary about 2-3 weeks ago about the benefits of eating plant based. Trust me, I was as shocked as you are that he picked it. Something along the lines of "well if Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and Jackie (Chan) can be plant based, maybe so should I?" I love how they break down a lot of the science of what meat does in your body, and how it actually can slow you down, restricting blood flow to your muscles for growth, among the obvious things like general health benefits. It was after that that we've made a pretty conscious effort to start eating less meat.

Aside from saving some money from cutting out purchasing meat, we both genuinely have started to feel better. Call it science, call it a placebo affect, we both are feeling like the right move is to keep our meat intake to a lesser degree and enjoy it on a special occasion or on a date night out. At first it started as "two nights a week of vegetarian," but after those two meals, we both kept feeling like, lets see if we can keep this going - the way I look at it, eating mostly vegetarian is a huge improvement for the both of it.

For me - I've found it pretty easy to make the switch over, and even this week while traveling for work, I've opted for vegetarian options most of the time if available, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. Happy my partner is on board with this too.

I mentioned in my post of how to stay healthy during cold season that I love elderberry - I was lucky enough that Sambucol reached out this past week to send over some of my favorites, coincidence of the universe if you ask me. I've been using their products for years, the gummies being my favorite 'treat.' They help keep your immune system strong, pump you up with Vitamins C and Zinc, and are also made with no preservatives, and are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Not to mention they taste like candy. Pop these babies all winter long to keep colds at bay.



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