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2019: Strength of your Convictions

Call me crazy, and incredibly cliche, but this year feels like maybe it'll be THE year. Every year has its moments, some better than others, but after a lot of self reflection over the past few days in preparation for the new year, I'm feeling like we, together, can make this blog so much more than food.

If you missed my stories on Instagram (@ritawinthrop) over the last couple days, its that I don't make new years resolutions. There is something so incredibly daunting to me about that, and final, and that if you don't get into the perfect shape, or have the perfect diet, or land the perfect job, that rather, you've failed. And quite honestly, the majority of us who have ever set those types or resolutions, quit by February 1 anyway. So whats the point? I've always felt that new years can be a great fresh start, but so can a Monday, or any new month. So instead of resolutions, how about goals. What do you want to achieve? And in the same breath, what do you also want to get rid of? I think there's great value in acknowledging what ISN"T working, as much as what IS. Sometimes there is too much sugar in your diet (which is one I always put on my lists to cut back on) but maybe its also toxic relationships, or negative self talk. There's so many ways to look at the new year and think, "well I can do better, because I want to." Create two lists - one of the things I want to achieve - and keep it safe for the year. And another list of what to rid my life of - and burn it. And while my tradition is to burn it on new years, I'm pretty sure the universe will spare you some slack if you choose to do this, today.

Two of my favorite bloggers (Jess Ann Kirby and Everyday Pursuits), shared their own posts today about what 2019 was going to look for them, which is what inspired me to take the time to do this today for you. Because yes, I cook. And yes, I make recipes that are foods that are normally terrible for you and I find a way to make it healthier. And yes, I hope to share all that so that you, too, can do those things. But I've got more to offer than that. I'd like to think that I've been around the block enough times that I have some lessons to share. And maybe, just maybe, you'll find value in that. So if we're being intentional (which is what this is all about) it's that my strength of conviction has gotten me here.

I hope to be able to use this blog as a platform to share what's gotten me here. And if we're being honest and forthcoming, there's a lot to share. I hope to be able to talk about things like skincare, and my journey to fix some obnoxious adult acne that was worse than when I was 14. Or to talk about anxiety and depression and what the lowest of low feels like over the course of 15 years and how in the hell I got out of it. Or maybe we talk about relationships, both platonic and romantic and how Frank and I keep the peace after more than 6 years together. How about house-buying and home renovations when you're living in a construction zone because that's how most of us young people afford to do it.. Or being more environmentally cognizant to what we're buying, how we are buying it, and how we can do better. And on most days, yes, just what to make for dinner.

I've followed too many blogs that were not intentional and organic and perceived to be something that they weren't - and I don't want to do this here. I'm excited for what the next few months will bring as I hit the one year mark of launching Rita Winthrop (the blog) but also as launching myself as Rita Winthrop (since getting married is still so fresh) So I hope that in 2019 we can talk about all the things that you guys are looking to hear about. So please, reach out, follow me on Instagram, send an email, and I look forward to riding this wave with you all, together.



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